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Questions / Answers Translation:

- Some answers to frequently asked questions to our agency.

- How to make a quote?
Just make a request via our "translation quote" page as soon as we receive your request, our customer service will contact you by phone or email as soon as possible.

Translation quote

- How to place an order?
Once the quote made, you are asked if you want to continue. Upon receipt of this confirmation, we call a process of translation, reference the project and select the translator. You choose the payment method. You are informed about the progress of your project and its delivery date. You are notified of the availability of your translation by email then you can download online.

- Who performs the translations?
Translatonline translators are all professionals, working only into their mother tongue. They are from the best schools and universities of translation and have or minimum level of 4 years post graduated studies followed by at least 2 years experience. To learn more about the services of Translatonline and our teams of translators, follow this link: Who are we?

- What types of payment do you offer?
Our agency offers several payment methods:

  • Credit card (Blue card, Mastercard, Visa) ..
  • Bank transfer
  • Check issued by a bank.

- What are the possible deadlines to translate a document?
As you can imagine, the translation time of a document of course depends on the number of words to be translated but also its complexity. This is why the quote phase is important because in addition to the budget estimate, it allows us to provide an estimate of time required. Given the Internet tool, these deadlines are generally shorter than those that would guarantee any other translation company. In addition, you are informed throughout the production of the progress of your translation. It is also possible to make partial deliveries when translations of particular importance.

- Who takes care of my project? Is it possible to join a manager?
Beyond the Internet, Translatonline is a company like the others: men and women are at your service to answer your questions. When making your translation, you can join your sales manager at any time.

- Our contacts:
Tro Suarl
13 Rue Ali Belhouane 7000 Bizerte - Tunis
Tel/Fax: +216 72 421 3888

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