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Business translation

The needs of the global market have put the translation among the essential tools for communication. Because English is the language most used in commerce and finance, translation needs are immense and indispensable for any business or individual wishing to understand the issues and get involved in these two sectors.

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Our translation agency looks forward to translate all documents related to trade and finance such as:

  • Stock exchange documents (regulations, transactions, directives)
  • Balance sheets of corporations
  • Articles from the business press
  • Explanatory brochures
  • Commercial ads
  • Economic and financial reports

Our economic translation training and our professional experience enable us to translate accurately into English or into French as well as into more than 150 languages, your documents relating to the economic and financial life.

Marketing Translation

A company is today unlikely to exclude translations from its communication and marketing department.

Therefore, a good many tasks that we are entrusted with relate to communication and marketing. Thus, we frequently translate for the media (the press, cable channels, radio) and the web actors. Among the documents that belong to this category, we notably take into account press releases, memoranda and other medium of internal and external communication.

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